This course has changed my life completely. The attunement was very powerful. I liked the guidance that I was given throughout the course, all my queries answered patiently. I feel as though I’ve found a friend . The certificate hangs grand in my healing centre. Thank you————- Melanie

When I met you in London, I was very depressed . Since then, I have been following the techniques that we discussed. I find myself being much more positive and active now. Lots of improvement in my life. I am more positive and filled with joy often. Clarity and peace has improved tremendously. The big news is that My partner Ben and I are expecting our baby. We couldn’t be more happier. —-Louise

I received the Diploma in chakra therapy today. It was a pleasure to do this course. It cleared up all the doubts I had. I had always been confused about chakras and their role in our life. Now I can see things from a different or should I say ‘ aware ‘ perspective. I am able to help others too. I can recount many cases ……………..S. J

The Violet flame attunement was an incredible experience for me. I was filled with bliss and saw visions for the first time. i use the violet flame in my therapy practice as well as for my personal benefits . —DL

I used to be a worried housewife , lacking confidence in myself. Doing the reiki master course has helped me so much , it has given me strength. I do healings for others . I cannot describe the joy that gives me. People respect me. My relatives , who used to not give me much importance before, come to me for advice. I am also teaching reiki now. Many many grateful thanks.—Jayanti

I attended the workshop in Phuket for overcoming limiting beliefs. It has helped me very much. ——— NV

I used to think numerology was mumbo jumbo , but curiosity got the better of me. Your course was quite affordable, that helped as well. But I was blown away by how easy and interesting it turned out to be . I make calculations and readings and they never fail to amaze me. Now, I charge for the readings . Never thought I’d be doing this……….Mark

Being part of the reiki circle with you and others at Jungfrau ,Swiss was an extraordianary experience for me. I will never forget this. I am honoured to know you and share reiki with you ——- Jules and martha

As a retired person, my life was quite sedentary. Doing the reiki course has infused a new energy. I found it quite easy as I did it comfortably from my home, in my spare time. I regularly practise reiki and share it with others. My family members are very happy and encourage me . I recently conducted a workshop for senior citizens at our club. I have started a reiki centre in my home, where I see the clients. It has brought a new meaning in this period of my life—– JR,

Did the life purpose and soul discovery course . The best part was that I was allowed to draw my own conclusions and arrive at the space that’s right for me. This has helped me open up, find direction , purpose and motivation in my life . You were right. It’s a process of discovery. I feel relieved, free and happy. I’ve waited a long time for this. I’m looking forward to more.——Alison

I have been designing crystal jewellery for a long time now. I wanted to do this course on crystal therapy, but never found the time . Initially I had reservations about doing this course through distance learning. But once I emrolled and started it, I found it to be very useful and very convenient. The course material is clear, easy to understand and relevant. My emails were answered on time . I got a very supportive response always. Value for money and such an attractive diploma. I have hung it up on my wall for all my clients to see. ——— Barbara

Received the Green Tara Seichim attunement. It was incredible. Strong, peaceful and healing energies. I have been meditating for years and include this now. —Sara N

I had bought a psalm calligraphy painting from you. We have hung it in a very prominent place. Looking at it every day has had a very soothing and positive effect, my relationship with two people have improved, very unexpectedly. I find myself more positive, calmer and energised ————- Richard, SN

Thanks for the painting. It is very inspiring, radiates positive energy all around. —– Tina

My guests never fail to notice the painting . People are amazed that I bought it directly from the artist. —— Sabine

I’m writing to say thanks for helping me with the emotional healing. I never thought I would recover. ———– J S

Our business and staff have benefited tremendously from the coaching. We worked on discovering our niche market, our specific strengths. You helped us discover ways to practically improve through various ways . Not complicated terms, intellectual stuff, but actual action plans that are working for us. Be it spiritual insights, incentives , identifying un productive systems, overcoming self sabotage, new profit lines, the support was tremendous. I’m very thankful ——— PR and LR

Sanskrit shloka calligraphy painting. Gayatri mantra with meaning. I have put it up in my yoga class, where I teach. It gives a very nice touch, pure, strong. ————Catharina

I bought a 3ft oil painting Ganesha from you. So beautiful. Colors ,expressions. Looks real to me, Vighnaharta…………..Poorna

I had already done two courses with this academy via home study. I found the experience very good, very positive ,Clear crisp courses and very useful to me. It was a pleasure meeting you in Edingburgh. Keep up the good work. ———– RG

Hi, My husband and I are collectors of art. We have lots of art, including a Radhe Krishna from you. It is very ,very beautiful . I really want to thank you. ———— Marie Jensen

Attracting abundance course has changed my life. Seeing my progress, my family members started implementing the ideas, techniques that I learnt. We are inspiring each other. We seem to be moving from’ consciousness of lack’ to abundance consciousness. lots of positive changes. things are looking up,finally . ………………. NK

The seascape is so gorgeous. I have no words to describe it. I feel as though I am near the ocean. You are a lovely person to paint it like this. Thank you.———-Steffie