Artists Statement

Art has been part of my life as far as I can remember. It has been an enduring passion, much before it blossomed into a profession. Over the years, I have learnt and experimented with different styles,techniques ,mediums and themes and developed my unique creative expression.

Painting to me has been an awakening, a form of communication , an avenue of appreciating universal abundance and beauty, a pathway of spiritual growth and healing and a natural passion. I find great joy and fulfillment,not only through the actual painting process, but also in seeing the joy, positivity and the contribution to the buyers/patrons, their lives and their spaces. I’m truly grateful for this blessing.

My paintings are open to interpretation. Just like a kaliedescope that is ever shifting, I find my paintings to take a personal meaning for the viewer,something they connect to, their own interpretation. That to me is what art or creation is, something that is born out of the womb of the artist’s creativity ,yet having a life of its own, with an identity of its own.

My art is inspired by colours, nature, travel, textures, emotions, spirituality, meditation and everyday life.

Each artwork is lovingly handmade with care and detail.

Healing art:

Over the years, I have been producing healing art that inspires self healing ,peace and positivity through my use of colour therapy, reiki, energy blessing, intuitive guidance, meditation, affirmations , chakras, chanting, etc., Many of these have been specially commisioned. All Art, I believe, is healing and therapautic in nature.

My Trainers and Mentors have been the wonderful ,talented, gifted and experienced artists who taught me, my spiritual teachers, nature and life in general. Much gratitude to them all.

What kind/ type

Healing art, Spiritual art, Visionary art , art influenced by nature, seascapes, landscapes, Abstract art, Oil paintings, Calligraphy, Pen and Ink, Tanjore style, Gold and gemstone paintings and more. Art ( Healing and other) customised by clients/patrons have not been displayed , as per client’s request


Shipping/ Packing

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