We offer many distance healing services for health and wellness, to clients around the world. Our services provide support in physical ailments, mental and emotional issues including anxiety, abuse, phobias, self esteem, stress management etc., We apply a range of therapies including energy balancing, colours,mindfulness, cbt, listening ,nlp etc., all geared towards helping one’s inherent ability to heal and balance oneself.

Distance Reiki healing session- 30 minute remote session

Wellness Counselling & Psychotherapy

Confidential ,holistic and non-judgemental counseling service, helping individuals to explore issues and get their life back on track

Pranic healing--30 minute remote session

Chakra Balancing- 40 minutes remote session

Life Coaching

This program aims to get you from ‘where you are ‘ to ‘ where you want to be’. It begins with a ‘ Discovery’ session where we explore and assess your level of satisfaction in various areas of your life or organisation. Through this we target specific issues to focus upon, in your coaching sessions in order to help you design, step by step, the life that you want. You can contact us for specific issues or overall clarity and progress in your life or organisation.

Colour Consultation

Crystal and Colour consultation

Handwriting guidance

Emotional Freedom Technique session

NLP (Neuro – linguistic programming)

Contact by email for services required