Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a gift to our life in the dynamic world today. It is about getting you from where you are to where you would like to be. We follow a holistic, creative, personalised approach using a range of styles and techniques to provide you with practical tools in a safe and supporting coaching environment to develop greater awareness to move forward in life. You can contact us for specific issues or overall clarity and progress in your life , performance or career. The life coaching program offered by us is a partnership where we explore issues in a multifaceted manner, working towards identifying and overcoming blocks to your growth and empowering you positively. It is paced in your reality, based on your needs, goals, discoveries and awareness at all times. We follow a professional code of ethics and confidentiality is assured. Our approach is not about instructing you or advising you, but about awakening you to your own reality, arriving at goals that align with your truth , formulating action plans that work for you, working towards removing blocks and inspiring you to shine in your own light.

  • Would you like to enhance the quality of your life
  • Would you like to discover your true goals and explore possible, realistic ways of achieving them
  • Would you like to be inspired, challenged, listened to, encouraged, motivated on your journey of self discovery, empowerment and fulfillment.
  • Would you like to reclaim your power to create the life you want.
  • Would you like to apply your time and your life to effect the best life for yourself and automatically, others around you.

Our life coaching program can help you :

  • Raise awareness, Awaken responsibility
  • Enhance your vision, Discover new insights
  • Explore your reality, Discover your dream
  • Uncover your true potential
  • Set goals that align with your values
  • Address life issues
  • Solve problems more creatively
  • Act from your authentic self
  • Inspire creativity, Expand possibilities
  • Build on your strengths, Learn to focus on solutions
  • Understand your life purpose
  • Embrace life experiences with awareness and humour
  • Develop coping strategies, Work through transitions
  • Address stressors, Build confidence and motivation

Specific Issues

  • Identifying and Setting goals
  • Action plan for goal achievement
  • Establishing Work life balance
  • Raising self esteem
  • Time management
  • Scheduling
  • Building confidence
  • Identifying and overcoming self sabotage
  • Communication
  • Business management
  • Stress managemen
  • Motivation
  • Life transition or changes
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Attracting abundance
  • Improving performance
  • …and more