Meditation blessing, prayer and healing

Your request will receive daily meditation blessing,healing energy and prayer for a month. Please include name, age, place/country and request.


Periodic Newsletter with articles on holistic empowerment ,special offers and new courses.

Online Reiki share

Open to anyone, anywhere  attuned to reiki. Join  in the giving and receiving of this wonderful reiki energy.

Every first Sunday of the month, time 8 a.m. GMT, usually lasts for about 30 minutes. See

Distance Healing circle

Join lightworkers all over the globe to help manifest healing , abundance,love and peace to the planet. This is open to anyone. All you need is your good intentions. At the appointed time( check your timezone),relax,breathe peacefully and send healing energy to the planet and all creation, in the way you are comfortable doing. Even sending loving thoughts would suffice. Know that you are also receiving the healing energies at this time.

Every Friday time 10 a.m. GMT , usually lasts for about 30 minutes. See

If you would like affirmations or visualisations or simple meditation to go with it ,please email us.