1. What is distance healing or remote healing ?
    Distance healing is an amazing form of transferring energy , a form of sending healing  even when the person or animal or project, the recipient of the healing is not physically present in front of you. Spiritual healing energy is not limited by boundaries / concepts of time and space.Distance healing has helped numerous people who desire the benefits of healing but are unable to visit the healer/ practitioner regularly, for various reasons.
  2. What is an attunement ?
    Attunement is a process by which you are attuned to a frequency or vibration.   ‘ To be attuned‘ means to be ‘ in tune with’ or ‘in harmony with‘ the specific spiritual frequency of reiki.  In reiki, you  reconnect to your inherent healing power by using the attunement process.The power to access and activate reiki has always been with us, from birth. As we carry on our earthly life, we seem to forget our Oneness with the Source. The attunement is simply a way to declare to the Universe, to the Source of Infinite Intelligence, to the  Reiki Source, that you are ready to remember your birthright and reclaim your reiki healing power, which was always yours.
  3. How do Distance attunements work?
    Distance attunements work due to the spiritual connection that exists through all of us ,  the truth of Universal Oneness. They are possible due to the fact that we are all one at a deeper, spiritual, energetic level.  An attunement is made possible directly  by the Source of Reiki, through the Master to the Student, who has chosen to embrace her higher potential. Intention and Commitment are an integral part of the process. Neither the Reiki Source  nor the Reiki healing energy is in any way dependent or limited by boundaries of time, space or distance.A reiki attunement is a blessing to one who receives it and the Master who passes it , be it – in person or from a distance.

    Why  should anyone  who desires to be attuned and benefit from channeling reiki, be deprived of receiving an attunement, because of constraints like  distance, money or time.  ” When the pupil is ready, the Master appears.”

    Reiki energy is loving energy with infinite intelligence and divine wisdom. It can only heal, never harm.

  4. Are the courses accredited ?
    Yes, Our courses are accredited by World Metaphysical Association Accreditation Board, a premium accrediting body for holistic, spiritual and metaphysical education around the world.
  5. About Reiki

    Reiki is a gentle,safe , relaxing, supportive energy healing method which helps restore the natural balance of your body and mind. It is safe, easy to learn and easy to use. In fact, we are all born with the ability to give reiki.

    Awaken your inherent healing abilities. Awaken your reiki healing power through our certified Reiki course.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced as Ray-key) is a gentle, supportive healing system for stress relief, relaxation,that helps your body and mind to heal itself. It is an ancient Japanese technique, practised by laying hands as well as hands off, that uses divine universal life force energy to heal and balance the subtle energies in our body. Initially practised only in Japan, today it has emerged as a popular complementary therapy, around the world. Reiki heals at a deeper, complete,holistic level which includes one’s physical, mental,emotional and spiritual health and wellness. Reiki stands for two Japanese words Rei meaning Spiritually guided / Infinite wisdom and Ki meaning Universal life force energy.

One does not have to be ill to receive reiki

Reiki is for anyone and everyone. One does not have to be ill to receive reiki. This gentle, loving energy boosts your immunity, promotes optimism and works to restore the natural balance of your body,mind and spirit. It can be used safely to promote health and wellness in children, persons of all ages, plants, pets, animals, inanimate objects and others. Reiki has been known to provide stress relief, improve clarity in thoughts, reduce recovery time, improve self confidence,balance chakras, relieve pain, remove energy blockages, increase vitality, help with acute and chronic problems, help in breaking addictions, help emotional clearing, aid spiritual growthand much more.

Do you have to believe in a particular belief system or religion in order to practise reiki ?

Reiki is not a religion, nor is it based on the acceptance of any religious doctrine. It does not infringe on anyone’s right to believe or disbelieve whatever they choose. The concepts and practise of reiki work in harmony with your own belief system, whatever that may be.

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