Our courses are Self paced. You can study them at your own pace, in your own time. No time restrictions are placed on you.

The course material, assignments and case studies provide ample opportunities to help you practice and guide your progress throughout the course.

On completion of case studies and final exam, you will receive a beautiful diploma or certificate of completion enhancing your professional and personal satisfaction and growth.

Whether you do them for your personal growth or for practicing as a healing professional or for continued professional study to your existing qualifications, our courses prove to be a foundation to a lifetime of wellness and prosperity for yourself and others inspired by you. They could be your doorway towards good health, harmonious relationships, personal and spiritual growth. Many of our students are reiki practitioners, masters, holistic practitioners and therapists in their own right and leading successful lives.

We are a dynamic and evolving academy and New courses are always being added.

All our courses are available in home study or distance learning format. Some are available as e-courses also, where you may receive your course materials and  completion certificate as pdf files. Those who choose this option can save their shipping costs.

However, some of our courses include beautiful hardbound printed textbooks and cds. Here, nominal shipping costs for mailing the course material to your address, cannot be avoided.

Complete tutor support is available throughout the course.