Reiki Master Course

This in-depth course covers all that you need to know to successfully practice  reiki, give reiki to yourself and others,  send distance healings, pass attunements and share reiki with the world.

Who can do this: Reiki 2 completed ( please send copy of reiki 2 certificate or details about your Reiki 2 attunement)

You will learn:

  • Reiki Master Symbol (Usui and Tibetan)
  • What is a Reiki Master, Ethics, Qualities
  • Advance Meditation
  • About human energy field and subtle bodies
  • Giving reiki through eyes and breath
  • Crystals with reiki
  • Reiki Crystal Grid for continuos reiki
  • Review of Reiki 1 and 2
  • Goal manifestation, reiki blanket
  • Ethics, Qualities , Role of Reiki master teacher
  • Grounding symbol
  • Lineage
  • How to perform In-person attunement for each level
  • How to perform a Distance/Remote attunement
  • Healing attunement how to  conduct a reiki class
  • Also available as e-course

You will receive : Full e-mail support.

  • Manuals for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 ( for review)
  • Course work, assignments, case studies Final exam.
  • Personalised Distance attunement
  • Full support
  • Authentic lineage
  • Beautiful, personalized, Certificate of completion as Reiki Master
  • Reiki course Manuals

Includes All Attunements for each level, All Manuals, course work, case studies, full Support and Final exam

Beautiful, personalised, Certificate of completion as Reiki Master, signed, with our Academy’s gold seal, suitable for framing

Tthis certificate is the highest level of achievement for becoming an Usui Reiki Master, entitling you to practise and teach reiki to others.

Tuition Fees : US $ 100/-, Rs. 5,000/-