Mudra Therapy Course

Explore the healing wisdom in your hands and fingers, through the use of simple Hand Positions (Mudras). Learn how to use-over 50 mudras to promote physical,mental, emotional health, and spiritual development to improve the overall quality of your life.

You will learn:

  • Elements, chakras and Energies associated with each finger
  • Using Breathing, Visualizations, Colours and Affirmations with mudras
  • Reflex zones on each hand
  • Meditating with mudras and finger energy
  • Different mudras to support physical healing, improve concentration, relaxation, stress relief, spiritual growth, meditation,   energizing, enhancing  prosperity  etc.,

You will receive:

  • Workbook including coursework and case studies
  • Illustrated Textbook
  • Full support
  • Beautiful Certificate of completion

Tuition Fees : US $ 50/-, Rs.2500/-